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Evening Prayers April 2-6, 2022 7pm

Updated: May 5, 2022

Evening Prayer 05.02.22

God, what a dazzling sight to behold as the moon follows its course for the evening. It begins its path with a subtle pace and then shine forth in a most spectacular moment that casts its light upon all it sees. The animals of the night take notice and know that time is of the essence to feed and do what they need to do until the sun moves up over the horizon and meets the day. Let my heart be filled with knowledge and let my mind sort through all the learnings of nature in all that it has to offer, O Lord. Let my mind and body ease into rest and let peace fill my soul. Amen.

Evening Prayer 05.03.22

What a beauty the stars show us at nighttime...they sparkle with joy and show us a part of your great mystery, O God. The day has ended and now we seek rest for the tiredness we have accumulated, and we seek also grace for whatever we did that brought hurt upon someone else. We come to You, O God, with our concerns and hand them off to You for your loving care, so that we can rest and replenish our souls through our trust in You. Let us embrace the mystery of the evening in all its unique and spectacular view and let our soul absorb the peace that it brings. May we prepare our bodies and minds for rest and lay our weary heads down and dream sweet dreams of hope and peace. Amen.

Evening Prayer 05.04.22

God, this day has been filled with many situations of concerns and various tasks that was on my list. Thank you for the energy to accomplish most of them and to be safe in doing them. There is a very light breeze is warm to my skin. Sun is still working its way down to the west and the east is preparing for the moon. Everything is so green, O Lord, its beauty matches know other! I can tell by the tiredness in body and mind that evening is near and night will follow shortly. Help me clear my worried thoughts and ease my hurriedness to prepare for sleep. Let me capture the peacefulness that this moment brings and give thanks to you, O God, for the day that is coming to a close. Amen.

Evening Prayer 05.05.22

Evening Prayer 05.06.22

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