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Evening Prayers Mon.-Fri. June 20-24, 2022 7 pm

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Evening Prayer 06.20.22

Let me be intentional, O Lord, to prepare my evening and night for rest and slow my mind down with all those thoughts from the day. Let me look up at the beauty of the night sky and feel the slight breeze upon my skin. Let me listen to the sounds of the day slowing down to meet the night as the sun sets in the West and eases the voices of stress that started earlier in the day. Let me recall the encounters with mercy and grace that you offered me when my heart did not follow your will. O God, help me prepare for night and for rest and ease the tensions of my thoughts. Thank you for being God and guiding the day into night. Amen.

Evening Prayer 06.21.22

Thank you, O God, for the evening and the night that provides rest for my weary soul. The stars shine forth in their splendor and points my spirit up to the heavens to see the beauty and the vastness of your divine creation. I can see the clouds as they cast shadows upon the moon as they roll by on their journey to another place. The evening and the night become a time to slow down from the work and happenings of the day. May I spend this time in meditation with You, O Lord, and listen to sounds of nature directing my spirit towards peace. Move within my heart, O God to be thankful and grateful for life and for your love. Amen.

Evening Prayer 06.22.22

God, let me find rest in the truth of your grace and find peace in the stillness of the evening, as I prepare my body and mind to settle down from a busy day. Allow the setting of the sun calm my weary thoughts. Set my sights on the vastness and beauty of the heavens filled with the silent stars and the quiet sounds of the night. Hold me close dear God and keep watch over us all as we sleep, I will trust you, O God. Amen.

Evening Prayer 06.23.22

The evening is beginning its course and the sun reaches out from the far western part of the sky. The air is still warm from the day and the stars will soon give light in their display of sparkling and twinkling from man miles of distance between here and there. Let me embrace the need to rest my body and mind and to allow Your gracious love to fill our hearts. Amen.

Evening Prayer 06.24.22

Lord, the day is ending, and evening pushes in from the cycle of the earth turning on its axis. What an awesome and mysterious event that happens every day. You are God, our creator and You created it for our pleasure, and we are to attend to its care. Thank you for its beauty and for the gifts of life it offers us. Thank you for all the blessings, O Lord. Thank you for the day. Amen.

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