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Evening Prayers Mon.-Fri. Nov. 21-25, 2022 7PM

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Evening Prayer 11.21.22

The evening is filled the peacefulness of Your beauty. The sun, as it sets, connects with our need for winding down from a busy day. It stirs within our spirit something revelatory about Your care for us and our sense of needing rest. Help us to follow that call to rest our weary bodies and souls, O Lord, and teach us to not take on any other tasks and be content with what we did during the day. Let us make way for the night and prepare our minds and cleanse our thoughts of all the busy events that filled our time during the day. May we find our peace within our trust and faith in You, O God. Amen.

Evening Prayer 11.22.22

The day brought in beautiful weather, O God. The evening shares its loveliness with my soul and the presence of You, O God fills my heart with peace. The sun has set, and the moon shines a special glow tonight. The light is magnificent, and I think of how it has been aglow since your creating moment of placing it in the sky to rule over the nighttime. Thank you for the time to sort through my thoughts from the day and gather my prayers for those in need. Let the peace of this evening time be present within me and become closer to You, O God. Amen.

Evening Prayer 11.23.22

The evening sky shows forth Your majesty, O God. The sun is setting behind the mountains and the clouds reflect the colors in layers of beautiful display. Let the view fill my mind with thoughts of the sacred and let my mind comprehend the meaning of faith and how it is a part of my being. Let me follow the calm of the evening and find peace within, to release the stress of the day and follow the path for sleep. Amen.

Evening Prayer 11.24.22

Thank you, O God, for the evening and the night that provides rest for my weary soul. The stars shine forth in their splendor and points my spirit up to the heavens to see the beauty and the vastness of your divine creation. I can see the clouds as they cast shadows upon the moon as they roll by on their journey to another place. The evening and the night become a time to slow down from the work and happenings of the day. May I spend this time in meditation with You, O Lord, and listen to sounds of nature directing my spirit towards peace. Move within my heart, O God to be thankful and grateful for life and for your love. Amen

Evening Prayer 11.25.22

God, the evening begins and so does the start of true Sabbath. Let us remove the stress from this week and allow our hearts to come close to You. Let us shed the trappings of this world to allow the peace and calm to enter our minds and ease our soul. Let us open our spirits to receiving the love that You give freely and unconditionally. Let the evening be our refuge and find solace from all the chaos, that the week has presented. Be with us, O God, and make us whole again. Amen.

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