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Evening Prayers Mon.-Fri. Oct. 10-14, 2022 7 PM

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Evening Prayer 10.10.22

It is amazing, God, how the setting of the sun can bring me closer to You. Every sunset has something new to offer my heart and soul. The clouds know exactly how to be there at the moment that the rays of the sun can shine in just the right place to show an extraordinary display of Your divine presence. Let me embrace the mystery with reverence and offer grateful praise for its beauty and the response I feel, O Lord. Amen.

Evening Prayer 10.11.22

The day, O Lord, has been busy with activities and work. The evening shares with us, it is time to prepare for rest. Let me take in the views of the evening, of the sun setting in the west and meditate upon Thy great and magnificent ability to create something so incredible. Here are my worries and concerns, O God. Here are my fears of what may happen. Here are my thoughts of wanting to control things that I have no control over. Here is my faith and my trust in You, O God. Amen.

Evening Prayer 10.12.22

The day brings its own experiences, and the evening has a way of bringing its own manner of mindfulness and reflections of all the encounters. Help me, O Lord, to sort through my thoughts and emotions, help me find the place, I can set at ease my worried mind, of the things I could not change and the things I could not fix. Let the knowledge of the stars and heaven guide me to You and place my prayers within Your care, O God. Amen.

Evening Prayer 10.13.22

Afternoon shower created that scent of Fall from the wet leaves on the ground. They lay there in all different colors, brilliantly showcasing the golden yellows with specks of brown, reddish orange like the color of the setting sun. The day moves into the evening and night is following closely along, to shift in the darkness and allow time for rest. Let me pull close to the quiet and let peace enter my thoughts. Amen. Evening Prayer 10.14.22