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Evening Prayers Mon.-Fri. Oct. 17-21, 2022 7 PM

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Evening Prayer 10.17.22

A Fall evening is unlike any evening in the cycle of time and seasons. Its beauty is extraordinary, and the display are bold and vibrant, O God. Thank you, for every unique view and for how it touches my soul and points me towards You, O Lord. Let the peace and calm fill my mind and let it push out the anxiousness and worries from the day. Amen.

Evening Prayer 10.18.22

The day changes into the evening, without effort, O God. It seems so easy, but the real truth is that many things are occurring and working together to make it all happen. Let me embrace the magnificent teachings of nature and all that Your hands have created, O Lord. Guide my thoughts towards the places in my soul, to keep searching for truth and love. Amen.

Evening Prayer 10.19.22

The evening is filled with the gorgeous artistry of Your creations. The cold air is refreshing to my body and my soul. It seems to make me feel better and closer to You, O Lord. The stars are shinning with an extra special glow in the Fall sky, and I feel You, even closer to my heart in awesome appreciation for sharing this moment with You, God. Your love brings me comfort and I find a spiritual warmth embracing me. It has been a long day with much to do and it was Your care that got me through. Amen.

Evening Prayer 10.20.22

The evenings are becoming longer with darkness setting in earlier. My mind and body are adjusting naturally to this seasonal transition. It is amazing, O Lord, how our bodies can tell and sense these types of changes. The cold evenings are filled with so much beauty and it brings comfort to my soul. Let me ease down from a long day of tasks and taking care of things, O God, and make time to study and learn more about You! Amen.

Evening Prayer 10.21.22

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