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Evening Prayers Mon.-Fri. Oct. 3-7, 2022

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Evening Prayers 10.03.22

Gracious and Holy One, the evening is beautiful with the sun and the peacefulness of the Fall season. The past several days have been filled with rain and storms and the day has brought forth the sun and the blue sky. I bring to You my prayers, my love, and appreciation for Your lovingkindness. Let my heart and soul take in this special time of the evening and give grateful praises for all You do. Let the stars shine bright and speak to me of Your mercies and show forth the pathways to Your redeeming love. Amen.

Evening Prayers 10.04.22

The evening is full of Your mysteries, O God. Let me pull forth its peace and fill my spirit with joy. My mind holds many thoughts to think about and my soul feels depleted by all the concerns and fear. Let me embrace You, O Lord, and let me pull close to You, let my trust in You to be my comfort. Let me gaze upon the Fall sun setting in the west with its gorgeous splash of brilliant colors and know that You are near. Amen.

Evening Prayers 10.05.22

The evening reflects the many and vast images of Your magnificent creative wonders, O God. Let me meditate upon the story of creation and how You is good. You share this good with us, O Lord, in wonderous ways. You provide a gift of great beauty and of profound mystery with all that is part of life. Teach me, O God, how to love with grace and to cherish all that You offer to us. Amen.

Evening Prayers 10.06.22

What another beautiful Fall Day and with that comes the evening that is just as lovely, O Lord. You meet me, O God, in my struggles and You guide me through the obstacles of things that concern me. You are the wisdom I search for and the grace that I need when life becomes difficult. You are the confirmation of all that is eternal and good, when humanity is at its best. Let me find the understanding that life is filled with great moments of doing and learning from what we did. The stars are so gorgeous, the way they sparkle, O Lord, for You are the One who created them. Amen.

Evening Prayers 10.07.22

Your goodness, O Lord, has been experienced and felt in many things this day. The evening brings a time to reflect of how You made Yourself known through the kindness of others and the beauty of the Fall season. Your love is more than an emotion, O God, it is a way of being and doing that compels us to trust and have faith. Let the ease of the sun setting in full display center my heart and soul upon You, O God. Amen.