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Intercessory Prayers April 11-15, 2020 Mon.-Fri. 11 am

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Lord, hear our prayers from the deepest places of our hearts...

Intercessory Prayers 04.11.22

As we move into Holy Week, before Resurrection Sunday, let us give thanks for the gift of life that is eternal and Your love that is redeeming! We come to You, with our prayers, O Lord, from within our heart and our concerns. We pray with sincerity and genuine care for all who are struggling with life and all its stressors, we pray for all who struggle with their faith, where fear can overwhelm and distort the truth about Your grace and the hope that is offered to us. We pray dear Lord, for all who are grieving and in need of care, who feel hopeless and isolated from the world, from family and friends. God, you are our refuge in our time of need and we pray that all who are in need of shelter from the grief and loss, who are consumed by deep sorrow and need of rescue from its grasp; we pray that they will find comfort and courage! We pray for those who need and want to know you, O God and we pray that they can work through their self-doubt and find the strength to overcome their fear to allow Your love for them to enter in and dwell within their hearts. We pray for all those who are shunned by this world, who are oppressed and abused, for those who are persecuted and mistreated for their faith and for their courage to live by their faith. God, we pray for those who struggle with addictions of all kinds, for they are deeply hurting and need strength to overcome the pain that is deep inside. We pray for our hurting world from all types of abuse of powers and injustices that try to control and manipulate the circumstances to gain power. We pray for Your love to enter our hearts and so that we can spread the love around, to reach out and offer a helping hand and a caring heart. We pray for peace and justice in all areas that need it and we pray for empathy and understanding to make way for Your love to grow, O Lord. We pray these prayers through the love that changes lives and offers us great hope, through Christ's love we pray, Amen.

Intercessory Prayers 04.12.22

Our prayers, dear God, come from deep within our hearts and we trust them with You, O Lord. Our prayers are filled with great concern for a hurting world, and we hurt for all kinds of reasons! We are challenged with all the suffering and we feel helpless by so much of it. Lord, show us how we can help and be better human beings! May we be confessional of our sense of being vulnerable, let us present to the world a reflection of Christ's love and offer our help and our compassion. So many people are in need of care, there are people who need others to listen and be a source of encouragement and there are many who need someone in their corner to be a support emotionally and spiritually. Our children need attention and offered affirmation daily! Our aging need helping hands and loving hearts to surround them with much care! Our veterans need love and attention and homes to live in...let us be intentional in how we offer our help to those in need. Those who are grieving search for answers and they yearn for what they've lost. O God, guide us to where we can help, May we be motivated and find the courage to reach out our hearts to those who are hurting and in need. God, we are created in your image, may we shine forth our love as Christ did for us. May we offer a helping spirit like Christ taught us to do. May we have the strength of a lion and a heart of a dove to love, to care for the lonely and be a vessel of hope for those who are hopeless, through Christ's love, I pray. Amen.

Intercessory Prayers 04.13.22

We offer these prayers, for those who find it hard to pray, or struggle with their faith and feel frustrated in what to say! O God, in our despair, we can feel so alone that we find it difficult to pray at times and yet we are thinking about You and the struggle of how hard life can be. We can't comprehend to the depths of how much You love us and yet we do feel Your love at times! The distance from our heart to Yours, seems long and filled with rough territory of days that were hard and hope was nowhere to be found and then, out of the blue...You come to us in the of love and compassion shown by others. We search for you in places that are found in the wilderness of life's journeys and we can feel parched by the dryness of some sense hope and then, we see a tiny sprout of life growing and thriving in the red clay and our spirit leaps with faith!

We pray for our world today in all the chaos and oppression, all the acts of terror and tyranny, for all the atrocities and injustices, we pray for the people of Ukraine in all the horrible and inhumane conditions they are experiencing, we pray for their families and the all the children being affected by these tragedies. We pray for those who make decisions about acquiring peace ! Let us be mindful of all peoples and let us be peace-makers instead of instigators and make better choices through love for all of humanity! In and through Christ's love, I pray. Amen.

Intercessory Prayers 04.14.22

We remember this time, O Lord, of our Savior Jesus' last meal with his disciples and how He washed their feet to share with all the world that He came here to serve! We also remember this time of great sadness as Jesus is brought before trial and was crucified. His life and death brought to us the most sacred and profound hope in all this world and that being, life eternal through a most sacrificial form of love this world has ever known. May we offer these prayers today upon a trust, like no other, and continue to follow the teachings of love and true faithfulness in You our God.

We pray for all who are in need of Your redeeming love, O Lord, that they will come to know that You are a God of grace and love, and that Your love is always open to those who thirst for forgiveness...let them learn, that Your love covers all our sins through their faith and trust in You. We pray for those who are struggling to make ends meet and provide a home and food and security to their families. We pray for all who are homeless and in need of care. We pray for those who feel, that they are at, their last hope of reclaiming a sense of self,..let them grab on to their strength that is deep inside and rise above the pain and persevere! We pray for justice and trust the timing of where You bring about justice! We pray for liberation of those who are in captivity and under forms of oppression, we pray for those who are grieving and for those who are sick and suffering, O God. We pray for all who are alone and lonely, for those who feel hopeless and helpless and let them be connected to all that is loving and encouraging, that will give and restore their sense of hope and fill them with peace. Through the love of our Lord and Savior, Amen.

Intercessry Prayers 04.15.22