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Intercessory Prayers Mon.-Fri. Aug. 8-12, 2022 11 AM

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Intercessory Prayer 08.08.22

We come with many thoughts and concerns, O Lord, that are heavy on our hearts. These concerns seem to create a lot of chatter in our minds, and we search for ways of resolving the issues. Life is filled with heavy, heavy, burdens and trying to seek out the resources for help can be even more exhausting, O God. Trying to find people that will listen and have understanding sometimes seems out of our reach. There also seems to be too many hoops to jump through and too many times you have to share your story just to get help. Sometimes, God, there is just too much of stuff we feel we have to fix or rescue. We become desperate for help and we sometimes feel so overwhelmed by it all. So, God, we pray for a new path towards thinking about and achieving a life filled with less stress. We pray for new ways of thinking about how not to fall into the old ways of doing things. We pray for courage to make a change that brings us less stress and more joy. We pray for a new way of choosing peace over chaos. Lord, help us to endure and persevere towards a new way of being. Through Christ's love, I pray. Amen.

Intercessory Prayer 08.09.22

God, following a life of faith is not easy and it also calls us to love one another. Trusting you, God is a journey of interacting and experiencing, it is a path towards learning and gaining wisdom and insight. Faith is about trust, faith is about embracing what the mystery has to offer, it is also about discovering new ways of doing and thinking. There is so much of life that seems to get in our way of having faith and trusting You, O God. We humans seem to have various ideas and thoughts on this thing called faith. And it seems to get even harder when we experience the unpleasant and painful things of life. Those questions of "why" and "how come" become big obstacles in trusting and being strong in our faith. We are confronted many times of looking at the beauty of Your creation and feeling You near, then in the same thought we contemplate why life can be so troubling. God, we bring our perplexed thoughts and our questions of contradictions, we bring our desires and our limitations, our honest thoughts and feelings, our concerns and our doubts. We pray for all who are going through the obstacles of developing a life of faith. We pray for all who are challenged by the things that are apparent and the things that are from our reach of understanding. We pray for all who are searching and have a desire to growth spiritually. We pray for all who fill that they are stuck in their search and need help with moving forward. We pray for all who are wanting to grow and feel afraid how that growth will change them. God, walk with us and give us strength to continue the journey, to continue growing. May we find You, O God, in our thinking, may we find You in our questions and in our doubts. Through Christ's love, I pray. Amen.

Intercessory Prayer 08.10.22

We humans, O God, have a great need to be 'right', to be the first with the 'right' answer, we seem to lust for the power to be in the 'know' and to jump in and force what we think is right. We sometimes think we have the right solutions for someone else's situation, so we jump in there, for whatever, motives and fix the other person's circumstance, or at least, we think we do. We somehow, God, think that we are the problem solver, rather than allowing You to do what You know how to do. We somehow get in Your way, Lord, and in the way, of a person, in their search and discovery of what to do. When we get in Your way, O God, we are struggling with trusting You, we are struggling with our faith and being faithful. True faith is a journey of knowing how to let go of the control, let go of trying to fix a person, in how we think they should be. True faith points us in the direction of learning, of loving, of caring; of letting go of control and the lust for power, and allowing You, God, to navigate our vessels. So, God, we come with our prayers for strength, and wanting to be in a real trusting relationship with You, to be in a real and trusting relationships with others. God, we pray for all who are struggling with...wanting to be right all the time and not exploring the idea, that may be, we may be wrong in our assumptions. Help us to grow into spiritually mature beings and allowing our circumstance to inform us, to teach us about You, God, and about others. We pray for peace and love to be our motivations. We pray for continual learning from our daily interactions and experiences, that we may learn something about what true mercy and grace, are all about. Through Christ's love, I pray. Amen.

Intercessory Prayer 08.11.22

God, You have an incredible way of being close to us, being near to us. Your love has ways of guiding us, tending to us, it gives us comfort and peace and it has a way of being unchanged by this world. Yet, we humans find it difficult to receive love and to also give love back to You and to others. Love seems to be conditional for us, even if we are not cognizant of that fact. Yet, You still love us and offer us a special kind of love through Your grace. It's hard for us, O Lord, to understand the depths of Your love and to model this kind of love. Even when we fail at trying to love, you love us with truth and faithfulness. Love has a way of bringing something to our life, O God, that nothing else can bring, it also has a way of evoking grief when we seem to lose something we do love. Grief is all about the journey of loving, O God. But it is with Your love that life seems to have something trustworthy, something stable that this world cannot offer. So many people are in need of love, Your kind of love, O God. So, we pray for all who are thirsty for this kind of love, a divine love; that they can open up their heart and soul to receive it, that they can learn that, You God, want and desire what is best for us, especially when we can't distinguish what is good and best for ourselves. We pray for the ability to see through the temporary and deceiving ways of this world and of people who claim to love us and only want and desire what is best for themselves. We pray for all who are alone by choice because they are just tired of being taking advantage of and used by selfishness of humankind. Let us follow Your ways and teachings of how love should be, let us be more aware of people when their heart is wounded and broken form the circumstances of life. Let us learn to reach out and offer love through care and compassion, through forgiveness and grace...Let us follow You, O God through the goals of love, a divine love for one another. Through Christ's love, I pray. Amen.

Intercessory Prayer 08.12.22

Lord, it is 'Back to School' time and many parents are getting their children ready to go back to school and many schools started this week. So today we come with many prayers for our children, our parents, and our teachers and all school personnel. We pray for safety and protection, O Lord, more than ever, we have to be more aware and more insightful to these very vital needs of safety and for all who are in place in our school for protection of our children. We pray for this to be a priority and that we do not lose sight of how important this is to our Moms and Dads, to our communities, and to our world. Let us be more mindful of the school buses and pray for all who drive the buses, for their safety and for their care. God, teach us every day how important our children are and how precious they are and most of all how much Your word speaks to the little children. Jesus always lifted up our awareness of the little children, the orphans, and how our faith should be like that of a little child. God, many times, referred to us, adults, as His children, offering His love as a Father with unconditional love. So today, let us rejoice and be grateful for all the children of the world and that we surround them with loving kindness, surround them with care and safety; for they are always the gateway to our future in this world and in God's world. Through Christ's love, I pray. Amen.

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