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Intercessory Prayers Mon.-Fri. July 25-29, 2022 11 AM

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Intercessory Prayer 07.25.22

God, we carry so many stressful situations in our journey of life, that we need You to guide and direct us. Sometimes it's difficult to know or understand what it all means or what You are trying to teach us with each circumstance. We don't always know how we will respond or react and sometimes our response can even shock us and become even more perplexing. So, God, we come carry some heavy pain, some heavy burdens. We present our sense of brokenness, we come open and vulnerable towards Your forgiveness and Your grace, we come hurting and wounded in need of healing. We pray for all who are hurting, wounded and lost. We pray for all who need strength and courage. We pray for all who are caught up and feel trapped in what to do and which direction to go. We pray for all who are searching and looking for love and affirmation. Lord, guide our hearts, our minds and point us towards hope and peace. Through Christ's love. Amen.

Intercessory Prayer 07.26.22

God, we humans have a tendency to not let go of the past. It sneaks into everything we do, because the issues are unresolved. We can spill out onto other; we love and encounter, we allow the pain to affect out day and our daily routines. We run from the pain and find all kinds of ways of trying to make it go away. Help us to face the pain, O Lord, and let You guide our journey of healing from the pain, step by step. So, we come today with our prayers and our fears, our anxiousness about the pain we hold onto. We pray for all who are anxious and afraid, we pray for all who are struggling to face life and seek courage. We pray for all who are wanting to be out from under the burden of pleasing people and searching for real genuine peace. We pray for all who are holding on to the past and fear finding a new way of thinking. We pray for all who are needing change but fear its journey. Help us, O Lord, to find you and allow Your love to make us whole. Through Christ's love. Amen.

Intercessory Prayer 07.27.22

God, our sense of self, our self-worth can be affected by many things from early on in our lives. These experiences can either strengthen or limit the way we see ourselves and how we see others. Lord, sometimes we come from a place of woundedness from the past and it seems to follow us in our journeys. The pain is overwhelming, and we need help with dealing with that kind of pain. So, we come with prayers for all who struggle with self-esteem and find it difficult to connect with others and with you, O God. We pray for all who are alone and who are lonely and are desperately searching for love and affirmations, desperately wanting to connect with others, connect with You, O Lord. Sometimes it's hard feeling good about ourselves, if we can't sort through the past and see what is truly good about who we are. Lord, I pray for all who are needing friendship to keep searching, keep trying to find a connection of hope. Sometimes, Lord, we have to find the courage and look in the mirror and tell ourselves...that we are lovable and to also say to ourselves..."I love you self!" Through Christ's love, I pray. Amen.

Intercessory Prayer 07.28.22

God, conflict is a hard thing to deal with and it brings a multitude of thoughts and feelings to many a relationship. We humans feel very vulnerable in times of conflict and disagreements. Our pride and ego become defensive, and our fear takes over and rules the need to be right, rather than the rule to resolve through understanding and compromise. We want our way, O Lord, rather than what is right for the situation at hand. Relationships become wounded and hearts become broken in unfulfilled dreams and disconnected communications. God, You have called us into unity and a sense of belonging, You have called us to be in relationship with one another. So much hurt comes from broken relationships and misguided human interactions. God, guide us towards learning how to love, learning how to speak the truth with love. Teach us to be open and transparent to one another, in our communications to one another. So, we come with our prayers for all who are going through and suffering the effects of conflict. We pray for all who are hurting and feel marginalized through disagreements and strife. We pray for all who are trying to figure things out and make things work. We pray for those who resist the impact of compromise and resolutions, who fear looking deep inside for understanding and mercy. Teach us, O Lord, to explore and examine the emotional wounds that pile up in our soul and allow your Grace to show us the way to healing. Through Christ's love, I pray. Amen.

Intercessory Prayer 07.29.22

God, you have a way of tending to our sense of brokenness in that we are to learn and gain strength from the emotional wounds we sustain. Many times, when we put ourselves out there to connect and be in all forms of relationships, there is the possibility and probability that we will get out heart broken. It takes time to mend a broken heart. It takes strength to move on and allow the healing to take place. Connecting with others is not easy but is necessary for emotional growth and expanding our world views. We need strength of character and belief in oneself to endure the painful encounters and interactions with people. We come with our prayers for all who hurting and grieving for the way things used to be, for the misunderstandings and the harsh communications that flow from our hurt and our fear. We pray for all who are experiencing the heartaches and isolation from betrayal and from misguided decisions. We pray for all who struggle with the fear of being hurt again and who become so guarded, that they won't let anyone into their world. Lord, bring Your peace, cover them in Your love, give them strength to know that the light of love burns deep within and that we need to nurture ourselves with lots of love and tend to our sense of woundedness. For there is hope in the journey of finding our true self. Guide our path and our steps, O God. Through Christ's love, I pray. Amen.

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