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Morning Prayers April 04-08, 22

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Let me hear Your lovingkindness in the morning; for I trust in You; teach me the way in which I should walk; for to You I lift up my soul. " Psalm 143:8 NASB Reference: “Scripture quotations taken from the (NASB®) New American Standard Bible®, Copyright © 1960, 1971, 1977, 1995, 2020 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Morning Prayer 04.04.22

God, the morning brings a certain excitement to my spirit, Your love is like the sun peeking through the window to let me know that You are near. The light shines within the room and pushes out the darkness of the night before. The silence of a brand new morning fills my soul with joy and encourages me to get out of bed and start this new day. Let me watch the sun, as it rises; let me give you thanks for watching over me through the night. Thank you for the rest, O Lord, and let me hold tight to Your teachings through the readings of Your word, that I may be mindful of others and offer them lovingkindness also. Amen.

Morning Prayer 04.05.22

Lord, waking up is a blessing that I do not want to take for granted. The sleep from the night has provided me with needed rest from the day before and I am thankful, O God! The sun is barely awake and seems to fight its way through some thick and dark clouds, your creation is preparing for rain. The day begins with hopefulness, and I pray that I will embrace it will joy and peace. I pray, Lord, for the strength of mind and heart of compassion to do the things you would have me do. God, surround our world with peace and teach us to be mindful to love and offer care to one another and all of humanity. Good morning day! Amen.

Morning Prayer 04.06.22

Good morning God! Thank you for the sleep and for the blessing of waking to the day beginning its journey. It is a miracle to behold every day! The sun is barely awake, and the darkness of the night is moving across the sky with ease to meet the light's arrival. The peacefulness of the morning fills my soul, O Lord! Help me to hold this moment in my spirit throughout the day. Help me to guard against any stress that may try to interrupt its flow. There is a soft cool, spring breeze, gently touching the trees, showing me that You are near, O God. Let us celebrate this Spring morning with gratefulness and allow Your love to guide our hearts with everyone we meet. Amen.

Morning Prayer 04.07.22

God, thank you for being able to awake this morning and to have another day at life! The sun is hidden behind the clouds and the rain fell during the night to give life to all things that grow. Thank you, O Lord, for the rain. My soul is filled with great gratitude for all You do and how you continually watch over all that You do! The stillness of the morning is so serene before I start my tasks of doing and being. Nothing can duplicate that in this world by human hands, only You God are the giver of life and peace. Thank you for the gift of Your grace, O Lord, and the gift of the beauty of all Your creations. Thank you for life eternal through Your son, Jesus! Amen.

Morning Prayer 04.08.22

I here a bird chirping with great excitement, calling the morning to begin, O Lord! Then, I hear the other birds join in the chorus as the sun slowly peaks over the horizon and meets the day. Looking out my window at Your creation, I give thanks, O God, to what I see and how it's beauty grabs my spirit with great delight. Lord, do not let me take it for granted and let it be a pathway to my heart of Your love! The week is ending, let me embrace the weekend with joy and fun. Thank you for the sleep that strengthened my mind and body, God. May I meet the day with kindness and an open heart! Amen.

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