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Morning Prayers May 16-20, 2022 7am

Updated: May 20, 2022

Morning Prayers 05.16.22

Good morning God, thank you for another beautiful day. The sun is trying to peak through the patchy clouds to shine forth it glorious glow. The birds are just waking up and beginning to sing! Thank you for bringing me safely through the night and allowing rest to my many thoughts and concerns, May I start this day and this week with all things hopeful and rely on your guiding care. May I be mindful that Your love is always accepting and forgiving! And may I continue to do the things that promote peace and offer grace to those in need. Amen.

Morning Prayers 05.17.22

The morning gives a sense of renewed hope and the image of newness shows forth from all I see. The sun is new everyday, the sky is filled with the early beginnings of blue sky. All of nature is gather to give you praise and show forth the Love that goes into everyday created by you, O God. Your Love is more than we understand, but we see it in the sunlight, we see it in the dew that covers the grass and the flowers, we see it in the water that flows in a mountain stream. Thank you for Your love, O God, and thank you for this day. May I be mindful to share this love with all that I meet. Amen.

Morning Prayers 05.18.22

Good morning God. The day is beginning will a full array of Your beauty and the rest from the night has given me strength. Thank you for Your loving care every day, O Lord. Guide my mind and heart, this day and point me in the directions of growth that I may learn more about you, O God. Let me learn about You in the interactions of those I meet and in the enjoyment of Your beautiful creations. Guide my thoughts towards the inspirations of Your word and the lessons of the heart. Let me be mindful of Your presence in all that I encounter and all that I do. Amen.

Morning Prayers 05.19.22

Taking the time to listen to the birds waking up, O God, is a sacred thing, indeed. They have a reason and a purpose, more than we realize, calling out to one another. There is rhythm in the sounds they make, there is a certain tone that speaks to a higher communication than we are able to understand, O Lord. What beauty in the sounds and the knowledge is teaches us, if we only listen. How wonderful is all Your creation, O God. Thank you for the opportunity to hear the loveliness this morning, as the day begins. Amen.

Morning Prayers 05.20.22

God, thank you for the night's sleep and to wake to the morning's glow of light and hope for the day to begin. You are the One who transforms night into day and moves the stars to their time of rest and places the sun where it needs to be. You, God, sets the course for all of nature to depend on and trust in You and Your loving care for them. The dew nourishes the smallest of green grass and moss that cover the ground. The breeze moves the air around and transports the beautiful smell of the wildflowers and the newness of the morning. The sun will soon shine forth its light and warm the earth for the day. Let me be mindful of all that nature has to teach me and to open all my senses to take it all in and receive the knowledge You would have me to receive. Amen.

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