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Morning Prayers May 2-6, 2022 7am

Updated: May 6, 2022

Morning Prayer 05.02.22

God, the morning is breaking in its array of sunlight, refreshing all our senses, I am reminded of your great love and faithfulness. O Lord, be my steady peace and comfort throughout this day and grant that I may be mindful of how to be stable in all I do. Let me show mercy where mercy is needed. Let me speak love, even when the truth is calling to be spoken. Let me received the gifts of each day and what it brings, that it may teach me more about who You are, O God. Guide my thoughts with positive information to be helpful and mindful to all who are in need. Amen.

Morning Prayer 05.03.22

Good morning God. Another beautiful morning to get up and greet the day, thank you Lord for this moment! I am filled with joy from the sunshine and its glorious glow that fills the spaces of darkness and how it brings life to all that has slept through the nighttime. The sounds of life are stirring around and my ears take it all in and gives me hope to start my day. I hear a plane in the distance, fading into the horizon and the smell of Spring is still in the air...the newness of life and all of nature already busy with its tasks to survive and thrive. Thank you God for the beauty you create and the life that comes from it. Amen.

Morning Prayer 05.04.22

The morning has its own unique way of being, its different and similar in all kinds of ways. The birds are singing their songs of love and life and of joy for the day is breaking and life has another day to be. God, how do you do this thing called life? How do you keep all of life sustained and continually going with all its joy that it inspires us by and all the knowledge that we continually are learning. Thank you for these moments of learning more about You, thank you for the breath of life and waking up to meet this day. Let me greet this day with hope and with joy...let me greet everyone with a genuine smile and recognition of that they are a beautiful creation of which you made. Let my heart guide my encounters with those who are hurting and be of some comfort that points them to You, O God. Amen.

Morning Prayer 05.05.22

Thanking you, God, for a good night sleep and for keeping me safe through the nighttime. The morning is fresh, and the day starts with the birds calling to one another. They sing a song of praise of the One who created them. They sing a song of thankfulness of the One who provides what they need. May I also too, sing a song of true worship for this day that You have given to us all. Guide me, O Lord, like You guide the sun, to shine forth compassion and loving kindness for those who are in need, May I seek You, O God, in all that I do and all that I say. Amen.

Morning Prayer 05.06.22

We thank you, O God, for this day as we move towards the week's end and prepare ourselves to do the things we do today! The clouds are moving in to greet us with rain and storms may a part of the weather today, so we will ask for your tender mercies to watch over us and keep us safe. The rain brings us the life sustaining resources to nourish us and for us to grow. let us give be thankful for all You provide us this day, O Lord. Guide our day that we may be a blessing to others and return our thankfulness to You, O God! Amen.

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