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Morning Prayers Mon.-Fri. Aug. 08-12, 2022 7 AM

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Morning Prayer 08.08.22

God, thank for the morning sunlight as it shines through my window. Light is a most spiritual concept to give thought too, O Lord. Help me to not take light for granted, to really understand its importance and the many ways it gives life to all of Your creation. Its mystery is beyond my knowing and yet it is something that is very familiar to the earliest beginnings from the ancient of times. Let the light of Your great love and mercies fill my soul and may it guide my day with peace and understanding to all I meet. Amen.

Morning Prayer 08.09.22

God, thank you for the sleep and this new day that I may be a vessel of compassion and peace. Let my thoughts be positive and may love motivate my actions to do good with all Your creation. Guide my heart in the right directions towards all I meet and to offer hope to those who need hope and mercy to those who are hurting. Thank you for the sun and the blue sky, thank you for all the beauty of this day. Amen.

Morning Prayer 08.10.22

The morning brings the insight of something new, but also familiar, O God. The morning, with a renewed sense of beginning a new day brings hope. It also brings a sense of excitement and anxious, encountering new things and new people. Lord, help me to be mindful of all that You have brought into being, help me to navigate the day with understanding and mercy. May love for humanity be my goal and teach me more about You, O Lord. Amen.

Morning Prayer 08.11.22

God, thank you for another new day, for air to breath and nature to behold. The clouds are preparing us for rain and storms later on, it hides the sunrise and its beauty. But the cloudiness has its own beauty, O Lord. This time of the morning gives me time to spend with God in prayer of which I am truly grateful. Guide my heart to love all Your creations and my mind to be aware of the many needs of all Your creations. Grant me strength to endure and persevere through the day and focus my thoughts on how I can be of help to others, O Lord. Amen.

Morning Prayer 08.12.22

O Lord, there is beauty found in each morning, let me take in the lessons it has to teach me about Your glory and awesome love You have for all Your creation. Let me learn how important it is to be grateful every day and every morning, how we are given a new opportunity to grow and be more like You. Guide my heart and soul, to be a vessel that is open to being kind, understanding, and thoughtful to other's needs. Grant me strength of the wind and the wisdom of an aging tree, to offer love and grace in the reflection of Christ our Lord. Amen.