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Morning Prayers Mon.-Fri. Aug.1-5, 2022 7 AM

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Morning Prayer 08.01.22

God, a new day is beginning, and I awake with the need to thank You for the sleep the night before. I give thanks for my fury companion Dollie and the love she gives me each day. The sunlight shows a path towards truth and knowledge of who You are and the love that You have for all Your creation. Each day gives me time to seek You, O God. My soul searches for You in the morning when everything is quiet, and the birds sing their songs of joy. May I continue to search for You, O Lord, in everything I see and do today. Amen.

Morning Prayer 08.02.22

You are in the early morning hours, O God, before the sun comes up to greet the day. The dew covers the grass and trees and nourishes their need to replenish and prepare for the heat. Your love provides for the needs of all Your creation. Your grace shelters us from the world and holds us with Your loving kindness. Let me hold within my heart the goal of love for others and for You, O Lord. Guide my feet, my heart, and my mind, to do what is right through my words, my actions, and my prayers. Amen.

Morning Prayer 08.03.22

The morning is when, You, God offer us a gift to be and to do again. It is a new start and another chance for learning and becoming. The sun shines light upon a new path, a new opportunity to love, to believe, and to trust You, Lord. Help me to engage the lessons You have for me, help me to always offer compassion and guide my love towards caring for those in need. Let me mindful of all the beauty of Your creative designs in nature and be grateful for the ability to seek You, O God. Amen.

Morning Prayer 08.04.22

God, the sunlight shines in the horizon and the day is getting started. I am thankful for the sleep, that so much needed. Sometimes it is hard work making decisions and trying to do the things you need to do each day. Your time with me in the mornings are most profound and enlightening. Your love wakes me up and offers me new beginnings and new mercies. Amen.

Morning Prayer 08.05.22

What a beautiful summer morning, O God. The birds and the bugs are making their glorious sounds to start the day and my heart follows its path to You, Creator of the heavens and the earth. Your presence is in everything, and Your love nurtures it all. It fills my mind with many thoughts and feelings of You God and how connected You have created us to one another. Let me hold this wisdom and this knowledge throughout each day and guide my heart with understanding and mercy to all I meet. Amen.

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