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Morning Prayers Mon.-Fri. July 11-15, 2022 7 AM

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Morning Prayer 07.11.22

Fill my heart with the gladness of this morning, O Lord and guide my spirit with loving kindness towards everyone I meet. Let me never take for granted the sunrises in the morning and how every beam of light sparkles upon the early morning dew. The light shines forth care for all of life and provides evidence of you as God, our Creator. Help me to use this day for good and to appreciate every moment that shines forth wisdom and knowledge for me to learn. Amen.

Morning Prayer 07.12.22

What a glorious morning, O God, to see the morning in all its beauty! Everything shouts your presence and shows forth the essence of life. There is knowledge in the existence of nature. There is Holiness in the places of the heart that is able to perceive that You, O Lord, is found in every leaf, every insect, every flower that blooms its lovely beauty. The clouds in the east reflects the glow of the sun and the light that shimmers on the water shows forth your majesty of all your creations. Thank you, God, for this morning time and these moments with You! Amen.

Morning Prayer 07.13.22

What awesome beauty the morning can bring and to behold, O God. The sacred story of creation comes to mind and my soul is filled with great comfort and peace of the mystery of who You are, O Lord. You give of your love every time the sun captures the far distant horizon and spreads it glow upon the sky and clouds. All of nature is singing this morning, with great joy of how the rains came last night and brought the needed nourishment. Thank you, God for your care. Guide my day with wisdom and insight to compassion, O Lord. Amen


Morning Prayer 07.14.22

The moonlight glows upon the trees in the early morning hours, the darkness of the night makes the light shine brighter. The reverence of the moment is sacred to my senses, O Lord. My soul draws near the beauty and the mystery of it all. My mind searches through the views to find your presence, O God. You are in the light and shadows of the light, You are in the stars that sparkle and the quiet peace that speaks to my heart. Guide my day, O God, with your mercy and your compassion. Amen.

Morning Prayer 07.15.22

Greeting the sunlight in the early morning is most pleasing. As the darkness fades slowly away, there is an awareness that sleep has brought my mind and body rest for a new day. God, thank you for another day to be, to love, and to pray, and getting me through another week. I am grateful for all the moments that You have shared with me, of nature and its beautiful display, the moments of being close to family and friends, and of spiritual growth. God guide my thoughts and actions in the direction of compassion and peace. Guide my direction in the ways of forgiveness and love of others. Amen.