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Morning Prayers Mon.- Fri. June 13-17, 2022

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Morning Prayer 06.13.22

The morning begins with a familiar sound of a beautiful song that comes from long ago, O God. It contains the ancient words of how You made Yourself known to a people of faith and how You became our God and how we became Your people. Guide us, O Lord, in this day as You guide the sun and the moon in their courses and cover the earth with night and day. Let us be still and feel Your presence of peace and may we allow that peace to be our goal and purpose for the day. Amen.

Morning Prayer 06.14.22

God, may the sunlight of this new morning, light the path towards hope and may all of humanity find peace within the beginnings of this new day. Guide my heart with compassion to everyone I meet. Like the beauty of the flowers and the dew that covers all the earth reflect the love that is of You, O God. Let the rain bring the nourishment to those who are thirsty and in need of food. Let the light of this day, uncover that which is Holy and let Your divine Spirit soak through to our heart and soul. God, be our refuge from the storms and give us courage to love one another as Your word has taught us to do. Amen.

Morning Prayer 06.15.22

What a beautiful morning, O God, thank you for the sleep and Your closeness throughout the night. My mind was filled with sorrow and loneliness, and I called out to You, O Lord for help. Thank you for Your great mercies and being present in my distress. The sunlight fills the morning, and the birds are singing with great joy for a new day. May the beauty of Your magnificent creation fill me with understanding and wisdom, O Lord. Amen.

Morning Prayer 06.16.22

It's not just another morning, it's not just another day. Each day brings a new gift of life and the ability to love. Each waking moment brings new experiences to encounter and to contemplate, new information about You, O God is shared with me. Fill my mind and heart with new wisdom, with new understanding about myself in relationship with You, O God, with others, and with all of Your creation. Fill me with Your love and let compassion be my guide and help me tear down the barriers of fear in order to love genuinely and authentically. Amen.

Morning Prayer 06.17.22

The sunlight covers the sky this morning as the nighttime brought in several storms with lightning and thunder. O Lord. It so beautiful as it sparkles on everything it touches. Thank for watching over us through the storms and bringing us safely through and providing Your continual loving care. The heat has been very dangerous and it was nice having cooler temperatures last evening. Let me be mindful of how You provide the necessary resources of nature and to trust all that You do and Your saving grace. Amen.

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