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Morning Prayers Mon.-Fri. June 20-24, 2022 7 am

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Morning Prayer 06.20.22

God, thank you for another night's sleep and for the rest to my body and mind. Just as you steer the path of the planets and the sun, direct my words in what I say, that it may be a blessing to others. May those words share the knowledge of Your loving kindness and of how that love, is our foundation of our grace through our faith in You, O God. Continue to teach me of thy ways and of thy goodness, through all I do. Amen.

Morning Prayer 06.21,22

Thank you, God, for being able to sleep good last night. It truly helped to refresh my mind, body and soul. Thank you for the sounds of the birds this morning, for I am reminded of Your love that nurtures us and cares for us through the day and nighttime. Your guiding presence is noticeable in everything I see and do, O Lord. The morning air is cool and feels good upon my skin. The clouds are smooth and softly move across the sky as the sun awaits to shine light and offer its warmth. God, shine Your love within my heart and guide my thoughts for doing what is good. Amen.

Morning Prayer 06.22.22

The morning shares a time of discovery of the many miracles of Your Creation, O God. Shine forth the lessons of wisdom and truth that is found in the sunrise and the glistening dew that covers the ground. Let the sounds of nature direct me to the origin of the ancient words of the story of creation and how You made everything good. Let the me meditate upon the sunlight and give thanks for a new day. Amen.

Morning Prayer 06.23.22

A deer is outside my window stirring for food. Its beauty is to behold in all the mystery of You as our Creator. The simplicity of its presence and the incredible concept of its existence is both to be embraced and to be contemplated. Thank you, God, for all the magnificent ways you present yourself to me and how it touches my soul. It fills my heart with great joy and delight to watch all of nature be as one. Thank you for the peace it brings to my spirit and how it points me to You, O God. Amen.

Morning Prayer 06.24.22

Early morning and the sun is just touching the eastern sky, the nighttime animals are seeking out their place of sleep, the early birds are singing their songs and greeting the day. All of nature responds to their specific and instinctive needs of food, shelter, and rest. God, what an awesome experience of waking up and getting started for the day. The week is ending and the weekend is beginning. Teach more about Your wonderful creation and its beauty. Teach more about how to love others and to love You, O God. Amen.

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