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Morning Prayers Mon.-Fri. Oct. 1-Nov. 4, 2022 7 AM

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Morning Prayer 10.31.22

The rain is falling and the morning begins its day. Leaves cover the ground and there is sense of calmness that surrounds all of nature, O Lord. Even rainy days are filled with peace. Let me begin the day with meditations of You, O God and give thanks for Your kindness and Your direction, that I may follow the call of humanity and to present a merciful heart to all. Let me focus upon the needs of those who are hurting and offer the care and attention that is needed, O Lord. Amen.

Morning Prayer 11.01.22

Warmth of the sun, as it makes it's way into the morning hours, is drying all the wet earth from the rain yesterday. You God, provide the elements for all of life, You care for and have put into place a magnificent order of creation that watches over and tends to all that goes on in nature. Let me trust You, O Lord, in all my doings of the day that it may please You and offer hope to those who are going through really rough and difficult circumstances where they feel alone and in despair. Amen.

Morning Prayer 11.02.22

What joy there is, in waking up to start a new day, O Lord. Let me keep my focus upon You and the peace of mind that comes from developing and having self-control. Let me meditate upon the joy of getting up out of bed and being able to explore the opportunities that the day will have for helping and caring for others. Let me seek knowledge of You, O God, and find strength to face the challenges and hardships that the day may bring. Guide my heart towards mercy, O Lord. Amen.

Morning Prayer 11.03.22

Lord, the morning is breaking through the darkness of the night as I begin to start my day. Let me not be overwhelmed by all that I need to do and instill within me the strength to grow in my faith. Let me take in and embrace the wonders of the sun rising and how it shines upon and discloses the abilities of Your great love for us. How beautiful it all is, O God, and how intricate it all interacts with one another. Thank you for what it teaches me and how it fills my soul with great peace. Amen.

Morning Prayer 11.04.22

The week has been filled with many blessings, O Lord. And I have felt Your presence throughout every situation and in every sunrise that showed forth Your love. The season of Fall always fills up my heart and soul with great joy from all the beauty it offers as its gifts. Every day is different with all the transformations of leaves changing colors and the evenings become longer. Lord, let me find strength from the lessons of nature and Your nurturing care. Amen.

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