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Morning Prayers Mon.-Fri. Oct. 17-21, 2022 7 AM

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Morning Prayer 10.17.22

Thank you for letting me share the early morning moments of prayer with You, O Lord. It gives me time to think and feel the experience of Your presence and of what I am grateful for and to gather my thoughts to start the day. Thank you for the sleep and the thoughts of joy from the weekend. Let me hold close the thoughts and prayers for others who are in need, that I may be a vessel of compassion and hope. Let me grow in humility and show forth understanding to all. Amen.

Morning Prayer 10.18.22

Sleep is so important to how we feel, so I thank you, O God, for how it renews my mind and body. Your creative design for us is one of love and care for the whole person. Guide my humanity in the same direction of tending to the whole person. The darkness of the morning searches for the light of the rising sun and all of nature sings a song of joy for another day. Amen.

Morning Prayer 10.19.22

Your presence is everywhere and in everything, God. The morning displays Your glory as the sunlight sparkles in the frost that covers the ground. The Fall leaves show forth their brilliant colors to show how wonderful this Season is and the purpose it provides for all of nature. The leaves fall and cover the ground to protect it from the cold. The knowledge of You, O God, is contained in the acorns and how that provides food for other animals and the regrowth of other oak trees. Let me trust the mystery of You, O God. Amen.

Morning Prayer 10.20.22

Thank you, God for the sleep and the warmth of my wood stove on this very cold morning. Your presence is near, and I sense the closeness of Your care and Your love for me. The sound of the fire roaring and crackling, takes me back to an earlier time of life, when making do with what you have is how you got along and survived. Nature has a way of bringing peace to your soul. Let me hold to this peace and offer it through the things I do and the people I meet.

Morning Prayer 10.21.22

Good morning God. It's so refreshing to get a good night sleep and it is all more apparent, since aging and sleep patterns can be complicated. My mind and body seem to have more energy and that I am so very thankful. The wood stove provides me with warmth, so I am grateful for how the elements can become resourceful. The week is ending, and I am grateful for all the ways you have held my hand and carried me through. Amen.

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