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Morning Prayers Mon.-Fri. Oct. 24-28, 2022 7 AM

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Morning Prayer 10.24.22

May I greet this day with joy and with faith. Let me open my mind to the possibilities of love, life, and learning. God, be my strength and courage in the tasks that I encounter. Open the window of my soul, so that I may capture Your presence, O Lord, in the mystery of the sunrise as it begins to dry the dew and warms my heart with gladness. Amen.

Morning Prayer 10.25.22

Good morning, God. It is an early start to the day with several things to do. Be my strength and my words of hope today. Help me to express the needs of those who are hurting in our community, that it will motivate the hearts of those to reach out, care for, and offer comfort. Let me fill my heart and soul with the spirit of hope that comes from You, O God. Be my thoughts and my words to those in need. Amen.

Morning Prayer 10.26.22

The day is starting with a little bit of rain, as the sun gets to sleep in a few more hours. The sleep was needed from all the things that were scheduled yesterday. Let me find the motivation to start this new day with gladness and to find joy in just the being and doing. Let me find Your loving presence in all that I do and all that brings about comfort for all who are going through tough times. Be my sunlight, O God, through this cloudy morning. Amen.

Morning Prayer 10.27.22

Thankful for Your watchful care throughout the night and for watching over all the world. The early morning pushes slowly out the darkness and the daylight begins its course for a new day. It is beyond my understanding how all of Your creation stays in the cycle of life. May I embrace and not take for granted, that all of life in this world is connected to You and the unfathomable mystery of who You are, O God. Let me find comfort in this mystery and in the truth of Your love for what You have created, O Lord. Let the mystery fill my soul with the depth of comfort and peace. Amen.

Morning Prayer 10.28.22

O God, so grateful for the night's sleep. It has been a very busy week. Let me always be appreciative of the sunrise, in how beautiful it is and how truly special it is to have another day. Let me always be grateful for Your mercy and grace, O Lord, for it sets us free to keep growing spiritually, to keep learning how to be a better human being, and to let down the walls of fear to love with forgiveness in our hearts. Thank you for all Your blessings, O God. Amen.

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