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Prayers of Praise Mon.-Fri. Sept. 26-30, 2022

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Prayer of Praise 09.26.22

Lord, I offer my gratitude for guiding my day and being my strength from which I pull near to my soul. You are my joy and my peace when things are troubling and concerning. Thank you for the people and helpers that You place within my daily journey and for the blessings of care and understanding they offer me. Thank you for this beautiful day to enjoy and to offer praise to You, O God. Amen.

Prayer of Praise 09.27.22

God, my refuge and redeemer, let me offer my praise for all the kindness You have offered me this day. Let me thank you for being patient and caring towards my many ways that I am flawed. Thank you for helping me sustain some troubled situations and all the stress that came with it. You are my rock and my salvation, O Lord. Let me sing of joy for all that You are and all that You do. Amen.

Prayer of Praise 09.28.22

God, I am so grateful for today and the outcome of something, I was very anxious about. Thank you for guiding me through and giving me courage to do it. Help me to continue find my way in my journey of faith. Thank you for Your unchanging love and gracious ways of kindness. Amen.

Prayer of Praise 09.29.22

Thank you, God, for helping me seek some resources for what I am going through and thank you that those resources offered kindness and wisdom to my particular needs. Thank you, for the beautiful day before the stormy weather begins. Thank you for understanding me and my way of thinking sometimes and thank you for always showing me other ways of thinking for all mercy's sake. Amen.

Prayer of Praise 09.30.22

Thank you, O Lord, for Your kindness this week, especially in my times of sadness and concerns. Your mercies are many and Your love is gracious. You seem to know what I need when I need it and I still have more to learn and trust in that lesson in greater depth. I give You praise, O God, for all the ways You offer care to us all. Thank you for this past week and guide me through this weekend to be a vessel of care to others and to myself. Amen.

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